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Bringing Dreams Into Reality


The strengths-based approach of Dr B (Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D., MFT) in coaching, therapy, research and presentations brings you the latest ADHD advances, focused on your success.  She contributes to the ADHD community, locally and nationally, through speaking, writing and volunteer work.

Dr B's ADHD Coaching has benefited individuals, couples, families and businesses.  She often works with adults who are creative professionals or entrepreneurs.  By identifying their positive ADHD characteristics and strengths, her clients turn liabilities into assets, improve their performance and live more effective, satisfying lives.

Dr B's unique Living Lab Approach distinguishes it from traditional coaching.  She partners with you to achieve extraordinary results whether you are addressing

  • Embracing a new ADHD diagnosis
  • Understanding and leveraging your strengths
  • Bypassing or resolving your weaknesses
  • Sorting out the challenges in your relationships
  • Improving your communication
  • Effectively managing your financial life
  • Navigating a career transition
  • Resolving codependent behavior patterns
  • Teaching you new life skills to make changes
  • Addressing unique needs as a woman with ADHD

If ADHD is impacting your life or the life of someone you love, there is something you can do right now - contact Dr B.

Dr B Loves Working With


An individual is a system.  Often development within the ADHD system is uneven and needs upgrades or enhancements.  What you change in one part of the system, impacts the entire system and requires rebalancing.


ADHD is part of the coupleship system when one or both adults have ADHD.  Since no two adults with ADHD express the same, it's important to take the uniqueness of each into consideration.


An ADHD family system is definitely more than the sum of its parts.  The interactions between multiple neurodiverse individuals offers the opportunity for creative modifications for effective and satisfying day-to-day living.

Young Adults/Teens

During this time of important life choices, young brains have not yet fully matured (prefrontal cortex) until at least age 25. This is the part that helps control impulses, have the foresight to come up with long-term strategies and determine what you will do with your life.


First challenge, correct identification.  There is a temperament component beyond IQ - greater intensity and increased levels of emotional, imaginational, intellectual, sensual and psychomotor excitablity - all normal for you. Vulnerable to a variety of unique relationship difficulties, high maintenance self-care is essential.


Love the idea of working for yourself or creating a company but creating a structure where there is none concerns you? Accountability and follow through are up to you to design and enforce.  Hold on to your dream and learn to put systems in place that make the most of your gifts and limit your downsides.

Professional Students

It is not uncommon for those with ADHD to gravitate toward law or medicine.  Understanding how your brain works and what you need to support your best efforts is essential, as well as knowing what derails you and keeping it out of your life and environment paves the way to your success.

Graduate Students

Though statistics indicate a small percentage of adults with ADHD continue on to advanced education, millions do and succeed.  Troubleshooting physical distractions and emotional drains and putting effective systems in place, in advance, helps you confidently navigate academia.

Frequent Areas Of Concern

Recent Diagnosis

  • If you're looking for answers due to a recent diagnosis, or wanting to improve your life, an accurate and thorough ADHD education is paramount.  Leverage Dr B's knowledge and experience to get what you want faster.


  • Impacted by ADHD, many couples share an empty, lonely, juiceless relationship.  The Living Lab Approach provides clients with methods to clear the wreckage of the past.   We work together to identify the real problems (not symptoms) and apply real solutions (not Band-Aids).


  • It is not uncommon for a conversation to start in the middle, leaving the listener confused.  Effective communication is the responsibility of the speaker.  The environment can either support an effective exchange or distract or throw someone into overwhelm.  Good communication takes planning and patience.

 Women's Unique Needs

  • There are unique needs and challenges, due in part to female physiology. Women often receive an incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis (anxiety, depression, or addictions) before their ADHD diagnosis.  After a correct diagnosis and education about ADHD, women can put their lives into perspective and move forward.


  • Codependent behaviors often go hand in hand with adult ADHD.  After years of living at less than maximum potential, many turn to people pleasing as a means of gaining acceptance or approval from others.  This is often the road to self-abandonment, rather than embracing what is right with you.

ADHD 101

  • Whether you need support choosing your team of providers, accepting your diagnosis, identifying your strengths/challenges, grieving lost opportunities or creating a successful life, we are here to help you maximize your results.  If your initial issues reach beyond the scope of coaching, therapy for adults with ADHD is available.

Career Transition

  • In the face of a lifetime of discouragement, failures and negative beliefs, you might feel it just can't happen for you. ADHD adults frequently can't determine or successfully pursue their career choices.  By paying attention to what clients miss about themselves, and teasing out their "no big deal" talents and achievements, they often discover their new career.


  • If significant weaknesses are sabotaging your life, these must be neutralized before focusing on building strengths. Otherwise, it's like leaving the hole in the boat unresolved while you remodel the boat, only to have it sink under you. Once nothing is running your life into the ground, building strengths is the path forward, with a means to measure your progress in place.

 Life Skills

  • Becoming a student of your own life is the first step. Besides obvious skills, there are pre-skills to learning new life skills. So much falls through the cracks as we grow up. Recognizing the skill or knowledge gaps that exist prior to attempting to learn a new skill ensures a greater likelihood of success.

 Financial Life

  • Without the skill of foresight, bankruptcies, collection agencies, late fees, and tremendous shame are commonplace. With foresight, and a few other skills, navigating your financial life can actually be enjoyable.

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I can sum up my experience with Barbara in two words : life changing. She is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and her abilities and experience seem endless. Barbara is enormously perceptive, and has a wonderful way of giving you a different perspective on what may be stopping you from achieving your objectives. Simply put, she quickly gets to the heart of things and brings about real and lasting change, from the inside out. Barbara has an innate talent that cannot be quantified in any other way than by working directly with her. There is just something about her that is truly compelling. Working with Barbara was one of the most important, life-changing decisions I have ever made. You will not be disappointed.  ~ L.V.

Working with Dr B has been more helpful and encouraging than I can say, and she has inspired real change in my life. Because of steps she encouraged me to take, there are several tangible achievements she helped me accomplish, for example: following up on a job opening and getting hired on the spot, changing my perspective on tasks I dreaded to instead addressing them promptly and with ease, and learning to be a kind encourager to myself, treating myself with care. I am forever grateful for her willingness to be transparent in showing that it can be done, that we can do it! Dr B is a pleasure to work with; I look forward to continuing to meet with her many more times in the future.  ~ R.O.